The Many Benefits Of Power Flushing

A power flush serves to improve the performance of a central heating system. It does this by firing water at a high velocity through the entire system with the intention of flushing out rust, sludge and any other debris that might otherwise be clogging the system. There are a couple of benefits, as we’ve outlined below…

Is your home due a power flush?

-   Are your radiators taking their time to heat?

-   Are there strange noises coming from the boiler, i.e. loud bangs or gurgling noises?

-   Is there black or brown sludgy water inside the heating system?

-   Can a magnet attach to the copper pipework?

The benefits of a power flush

Lower energy bills

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of a central heating power flush, that’s why we’ve put it at the top of our list. No longer will you need to turn the thermostat to its highest temperature in the attempt of squeezing out heat through tiny warm spots on the radiator; rather, you can lower the temperature and wait for the entire radiator to warm up instead. You’ll barely be able to notice a difference between 30 degrees beforehand and 20 degrees afterwards. Reduce your energy bills!

Longer central heating lifespan

A power flush will reset many important components of your central heating almost back to how they were when they were first installed. Getting your central heating system serviced via a power flush can save you the costs of an expensive repair, especially expensive if the entire system needs to be repaired or worse yet, replaced.

Warmer home, faster

As we’ve already implied, the most noticeable benefit of a power flush is seen with regards to your homes radiators. After the rust, sludge and debris has all been removed, you’ll soon notice that your radiators can heat up much warmer, faster. This can be particularly beneficial for homes that do not have a smart thermostat in place.

If you would like to further improve the performance of your radiators, we’d recommend giving them a bleed. You can purchase a bleed key from most local DIY stores; all you need to do is the twist the key and wait for the hissing noise (releasing of gases) to pass.

Long lasting results

The results that come from a power flush should last at least a decade. That’s 10 years of a warmer home for a cheaper price. Additionally, if you’re selling your home, make sure to mention recent maintenance on your central heating system, it might just increase the value of it!

If you have noticed some of the signs or are concerned about the performance of your central heating system, please get in touch. You can contact us on 07877 178 198 or 01438 518368. We’re based in Stevenage and we’d be love to be of assistance.